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Beste lezer,
Ik ga helaas niet tijd hebben om mijn blogs te vertalen. Voor nieuws uit mijn Tanzaniaanse omgeving moet je even naar het Engels-talige gedeelte van de website, en daar staan ze allemaal. Mocht je niet sterk zijn in het Engels, gooi ’t maar door Google Translate 🙂

2 comments on “Blogs vanuit Mwanza

  1. Gitte,
    what a surprise to discover your present whereabouts. what remarkable stories/ observations you have made already, giving quite an impression of a very different [working]life. awkard to realize how girls/women in so many countries in so many ways are still abused and not treated well by their own governments. i hope that the professionalism that you bring with you to these people will make in lots of ways a change for many. warmest regards alice

    1. Hello Alice,
      So nice to hear from you!
      Indeed, women are still very much at the bottom of the ladder in many ways here. The current female president is meeting a lot of resistance because of her gender – and she only became president because the former president died while she was vice president and thus moved up in rank. One of her first decisions was the reverse a decree her predecessor made: that after a teenage pregnancy girls can’t re-enter the school system, thus keeping them uneducated and subservient. I’m fortunate to meet many visionary locals so I have some hope that within this generation, actions of change are set in motion.
      Have a great weekend,

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